Riddle's Talisman

Posted Nov 11, 2021, 2:29:13 AM UTC

Riddle's talisman is a branch that broke off of the massive tree his city is built around. He fashioned it into a "sword" for when he and Rhyme would go out on their adventures, using an old poster tube slung over his back as its scabbard. The poster tube has bits of cotton glued to the inside of it to ensure that the branch won't rattle around while Riddle's moving, as well as to help prevent it from sliding out too easily if he takes a tumble. The branch has a lot of heft to it and is surprisingly hardy, which allowed it to survive the wear and tear Riddle put it through over the years.

When Riddle and Rhyme were kids, they decided to start venturing outside of the city limits to explore the surrounding area, as there were ample ruins and abandoned settlements that were irresistible to their curiosity. To make sure they were prepared for these outings, Riddle fashioned weapons and armor for the two of them, mostly consisting of old kitchenware and rocks. The sword he made from the branch was his favorite weapon and quickly became the only thing he would take with him when he and Rhyme went out adventuring. While the two have grown up and use more conventional means to protect themselves while out on adventures, the sword holds a lot of sentimental value to Riddle and always brings back memories when he holds it aloft like he used to.

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