Kitara's Talisman

Posted Aug 30, 2021, 6:59:02 AM UTC

Kitara, a winged Kobold who escaped from the abuse of her birth clan, had spent most of her life without friendship or companionship. While the other Kobolds who she considered family disregarded her, Kitara found friendship in the most unlikely of places: the bats who shared the cave with her. While they could not communicate in the traditional sense, Kitara would often share her what little food she could scrounge up with them, and in turn, the bats would bring her small trinkets and charms that they would find. She fashioned these charms into a necklace that she keeps on her at all times, and while she was more than happy to leave the confines of her cave, she still often misses the bats that made her time there more bearable. When she feels the effects of her loneliness the most, Kitara will often rub the charms on her necklace between her fingers to help her relax.

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  • Sep 4, 2021, 1:19:50 PM UTC
    Cool style OwO
  • Aug 30, 2021, 3:16:46 PM UTC
    Interesting character. I like both her backstory and her design. But if I were you I would use that green color as an accent only - on the hands and on the face, but not on the legs and on the wings. Unless of course you intentionally want to draw a lot of attention to the character's legs. Smile
    • Aug 31, 2021, 6:35:11 PM UTC
      Thanks for the feedback! When I first designed her, I used a chibi-style base to make her ref, which had a more cutesy style with small wings and scales. This was my first time drawing her with normal proportions, so I definitely see what you mean about the green accents. I will probably end up changing some of the colors to better keep the green as just an accent, because I had intended for red to be her primary color! Thanks for pointing it out! ^^





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