Posted Apr 13, 2021, 2:40:26 AM UTC
EDIT: Upon inspection, it appears I have not followed the prompt correctly. I'm not sure how closely the rules need to be followed, but I definitely should have made this some kind of still life for this image.
Back in her meager chambers, Calciken examined the object Asterizel had given her. She recognized it; it had once belonged to her creator. She had seen it worn around the witch's neck, many years ago. She had not known at the time that it was a focus for the demon's terrible gift of power. There were many things she had not yet known; and did still not know yet. 
The talisman resembled a bird's skull, in very fine detail, but seemed to be carved of the blackest obsidian. Without any magic sight to call her own, she could determine nothing else about its nature. But it was given her by the demon, and that gave it a weight heavier than if it had been lead and cold iron.
She let the talisman fall against her chest and looked around her scant chambers. There was not much else for her to take with her. Without need of sleep or food, she could travel lighter than others she may meet on the road. Somewhere within her, fear chirped quietly. She did not notice, as she closed the doors to her chambers and made for the road past the entrance of the great house.

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  • Apr 15, 2021, 2:06:18 PM UTC
    I think they're fine with you having your character in the shot too, so long as the talisman is the focus of the piece. But being new as well, I'm not entirely certain, heh.




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