Permission to Leave

Posted Apr 13, 2021, 2:37:48 AM UTC
She stayed by Asterizel's side until she could take no more.
"I beg of you, my lord. Give me purpose."
The demon looked down at her, eyes dull, but his eyebrow raised slightly.
"You seek such a thing?" he asked of her.
"I beg of you," she repeated.
He turned to face her, studying her. He had never gazed at her so long before.
"You're quite lively for a dead thing, aren't you," he murmured. "I can see that the world I've given you is one that is too small. Very well."
He reached into a drawer of his obsidian desk and brought out a shaped piece of obsidian hung from a cord. 
"I meant to do this myself, but time is always short, even for an immortal. 
Take my talisman," he said, "and seek the far planes at the edge of the world. I need to find that which is not captured in my map of reality. 
That includes you," he said, placing the gem in her hand and closing her fingers over it, "as well as the farthest lands I have left untraveled."
"This will serve you best, my lord?" Calciken asked softly, gazing at him.
He glanced once at her face, nodded, and turned away. "It is," he said. "You may leave whenever you are ready. The stone is my link to you. With it you can become my eyes."
"And the world out there?" she asked, gesturing at her own chimeric body. "I can go among them?"
"They will see whatever it is they are able to see," he said. "Though it will not be without danger."
He picked up a quill and turned his attention to some other matter on his desk. The conversation, it seemed, was over. Calciken slipped the talisman's cord around her neck, bowed deeply, and left the chamber.

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  • Apr 15, 2021, 2:12:00 PM UTC
    I like how reasonable a demon master Asterizel is. Even though I feel Calciken would probably quietly obey if he denied her the privilege of a purpose, or feel the need to be punished her for presuming to speak above her station, he acknowledges her need and grants it to her, assuring her he is fine with it and that it will still be serving him.




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