Paper Demon the Collectable Card Game: Build your deck.

Published Aug 24, 2023, 7:12:01 AM UTC | Last updated Aug 24, 2023, 7:12:01 AM | Total Chapters 1

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Well this is a strange world we don't exist but at the same time we do? Reading might make it make more sense...

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Chapter 1: Build your deck.

The game store was unusually busy today. At least that's what most people thought because the small table top store was packed with kids and adults all after a new trading card game featuring different heroes, adventurers, legends and even villains from all across the portal system of the fictional paper demon multi media franchise... Soon the entire shop was filled with people excitedly exclaiming specific adventures they got. From a certain famous rabbit tailor... To some of the most legendary characters from the entire history of the series and all it's spinoffs. '"Oooh I got the legendary healer!" Someone shouted.


'"I got a foil Luis Defou." Another person said grinning.


'"I found a reverse hollow Lazarus the Pale." Two people said at the same time


'"I got Liam!" A few tweens said at the same time.


More and more Cards were found From the Shy Cute Indie Rishi to the imposing but repentant Dee to even the kind and funny jeweler Snot. Even the crystal wyrm was a card. But people started realizing that they hadn't seen Vex in this Chaos of cards. Was he supposed to be rare? He was one the Card Will and Way which depicted him and Snot attacking the Crystal Wyrm. Vex was also on the Card Crystal parkour. But nobody had found his character card yet. It was strange because Vex had a relatively loved spin off book series so it felt off to not see him among the crowd of known characters.


A boy with hair he obviously dyed blue went to buy a pack of cards before anyone else upon realizing this '"They made the wicked Skymancer a card?" He asked pulling the Sky element mage that in the series did tearable things to Vex. He kept pulling from the pack to find the first copy of Vex to be found. Vexcaliber Enduri Flame of Perseverance. It showed Vex in his full armor sword in hand but not in battle. It was more somber it was the scene just after he finished healing from his wounds caused by the Crystal Wyrm. He was walking to a training field on the art but you were looking at him from the front seeing into his home seeing the framed letter. 


'"Wow..." Everyone who saw the card muttered to themselves... It felt weird and surreal seeing this as a scene on a card... The moment of salom triumph for Vex where he begins to actually heal. The next card in the pack was Vex's sword Asari os Etaria. It was starting to feel weird to find both Vex and The blade in the same pack. Especially to the kid opening it... The feeling only strengthend when he found all three pieces of Vex's armor in the pack. Then it dissipated a bit when the rest of the cards were other characters like Dee and Snot.


The kid bought one of the Battle Boxes for the game which were basically both a deck box and a play area and a few more packs enough to make a full Deck centered around Vex. Various others were also opening packs and making decks still. But the kid wouldn't have to wait much longer for his first test of his deck...

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