Activity Rolls: Seaspray, Unnamed, Aloha

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Chapter 1: Seaspray, Unnamed, Aloha

Aloha chirruped in excitement. Today was the day he would finally impress a new pretty raptor he'd been seeing around. Her grey and white feathers looked so soft, especially the white feathers that formed a complex, serpent like pattern. He wilted slightly when he saw the huge blue Rhakos beside her. This rhakos was a friend of the Mad King, he'd heard. She wasn't really anyone he wanted to try and impress, no matter how comfortable she looked to cuddle with. 


Seaspray snorted in amusement, ignoring her serpent patterned companion's withering glare. The little ocean colored raptor squeaked as she walked closer. She snorted again, going past him to begin searching around for anything worth taking home. 


Aloha sidled closer to the pretty female, puffing his chest out ever so slightly. She rolled her eyes at him before trotting forward, joining Seaspray ahead of her. Aloha chirped and trailed behind the two, looking eagerly around.


Clearly, this pretty lady was more impressed by objects than a mere simple puff up! He was determined to find her the absolute best object as a gift! Now, what did pretty raptor ladies like again?


Seaspray chortled at her smaller companion. She'd had her fair share of suitors, so she knew all too well the hassle of ditching them. Thankfully, she also knew Aloha fairly well, so she wasn't worried about the snow raptors safety. He was a good one, just a little dumb. Her feathery ears perked as she noticed a small glimmer in a high up tree branch. Well, high for the raptors. It was about eye level for herself. She reached over with her large beak, snagging out a shiny crown. Her action shifted the entire tree, uprooting it partway and leaving it at an angle. She continued forward while the female raptor paused to shuffle through the newly exposed dirt. 


Ooh, jackpot! The snowy raptor pulled some bones out. Hm, she didn't really know what they belonged to. They were too large to be human, but they were almost human. She'd describe it as "large humanoid to the left". She grabbed the skull, wanting to show it to someone with more world experience or a handler who would possibly know what this was. Like Soul. 


She shrieked in shock when Aloha darted in front of her, settling down into a low, threatening rumble for a few seconds. The male either didn't notice or didn't care about her annoyance as he immediately started to show her all the stuff he'd picked up. Two sticks, a beakful of vibrantly teal leaves, and a rock shaped like a gryph later, she shook her head and walked off, preening her feathers to clear the dust Aloha had kicked up. 


Aloha wilted. Surely the rock, his showstopper piece, should have been enough! It was even colored kind of like the pretty female. He thought for a few more seconds. Ah! Of course! She had those gorgeous white serpent marks, so he needed to find her a pair of white serpents! How could he have missed this?! He shook his head in a half-hearted attempt to move the feathers that covered his eyes. This failed. He chattered to himself excitedly as he started tunneling into a cramped hole under a nearby tree. White serpents, here he comes!


Seaspray chuffed as he kicked dirt all over her claws. Lucky him, the dirt was the same color, so she didn't look half as messy as she was already. The crown clamped firmly in her beak gleamed as she thought for a moment about how to easier carry it. With a gleeful chirp, she raised her wings and lowered her head, placing it on herself like a queen. Ooh, Dutch would be so excited! She chortled as she continued through the dense forest, still looking for anything worth collecting in the area. Aside from the crown, she hadn't seen anything worth grabbing, so she was considering leaving with just her fancy head wear. 


The snowy female raptor had located three more interesting bones, having located a very open ribcage that she set on her own back, a snake skeleton that she'd clamped onto her tail for the moment, and a half a deer skull she'd balanced on her own head. She was trotting to meet back up with Seaspray when Aloha leapt in front of he4 yet again, holding a pair of pure white boas. She actually felt a little impressed at how docile the reptiles seemed to be, despite being in the grasp of a potential predator. She squinted at him, before reluctantly nodding. He could walk with her. But he better still have that fancy gryph shaped rock. 


Aloha chirped excitedly. His plan worked! Lucky him, the snakes were easy to locate, and they were so tame. Maybe he'd keep them as pets? Unless she wanted them, in which case he'd happily hand the pair over. He trotted along behind her, eager to see what the trio would do next. … Hopefully, they'd deposit their loot somewhere first, his claws were loaded already.

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