Songs of Reamere - Chapter 4: Chapter 4

Published May 25, 2022, 6:30:42 PM UTC | Last updated May 25, 2022, 6:30:42 PM | Total Chapters 1

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Chapter 1: Chapter 4

It was as if the world was stuck in slow motion.

Flo and her songbird had not heard the strange sounds of the ice underneath them, but they could hear a faint whistle in the distance. The Stryx narrowed her eyes, just before a thundering crack resonated below.

Ice shards splintered in all directions,  snow spraying everywhere. Flo tried to stay on course, faltering, letting out a squawk of surprise.
The monster resurfaced with a loud cry, as if to announce its presence. 

Flo swayed to the left, then to the right, and she attempted to slow down before Wayre, from his perch, decided to let go of her and land on the giant snake and grip its scales tightly after he almost fell to the ice, which was starting to break more rapidly each second.

He shouted to her from his new position;

"Don't worry, I will be fine! Just follow us."

Flo cried out and her songbird flew around her and chirped angrily at the captain as if to curse his adventurous nature. Flo attempted to approach him again, but was stopped by some of the water spraying upwards towards her, and so she dodged it instead. The Stryx and her companion flew low when it was safe, following after the creature but being careful not to jostle it in fear of a violent reaction.

Thankfully the ride was all silent and calm from then on, to the point where it all felt like it was only a dream. 

Flo kept looking down for Wayre so that she did not lose sight of him and accidentally get separated. She felt like she owed him and was responsible for him. She had no rider, but she did care about humans, as for all other creatures...except maybe rats. She shuddered at the thought of the little rodents.

Again, a low whistling sound could be heard ahead, and the serpent slithered along in the icy waters. Flo did her best to follow, but it was getting harder and her wings were getting tired. Staying aloft was starting to be a bit of a challenge. So she had no choice but to land on the ice and hop along, trying to stay ahead. She could not rest completely yet. Wayre needed her, and she would not forgive herself if anything happened to the human. She was already beginning to have bad thoughts about herself. 

Her songbird brought her back to reality as it pecked at her head. She glared slightly at the little creature, but soon gratefully headbutted it.  She ran, her legs fast enough to scrap. She trotted behind the serpent.

Flo decided that when she got to Wayre again, it would be best to just go back home and get over this adventure. She had had quite enough.

Still hopping, she found broken blocks of ice and soon was side by side with the giant creature. And at that moment, she thought her wings had rested enough, and spread them again as she ran, taking to the air once more.

The Tyto swerved to reach Wayre, still holding on to the scales of the creature, and let him jump on her back. She swiftly got away from the monster and paused to stare at the human for a moment. 

He was breathing slightly faster, but overall still in one piece and doing just fine. Wayre patted her neck in thanks. She made a noise like a purr and screeched happily. She prepared to leave, but he did not agree, shaking his head. 

"My crew is still out there, remember?"

Suddenly, his head snapped back up and he stared at the wall of thick fog that began to surround them. And for a wall, it was an extensive one, covering the sky and the sea ahead. 

Wayre put his hat down. "We are finally at the edge of the world." He muttered. 
Flo squinted. Weren't only the mad, the ones who went there? Hadn't she heard that this was a home of monsters of all kinds? Could all the crazy stories be full of truth? Would she ever get to return to the tranquility and peace of her beautiful home? 

The whistling came again.

Her curiosity had never been this strong. Hopefully this was going to be worth it. If she had had friends, she could tell this story...if she were to return alive. She'd made a mental note to try and socialize with more Stryx back home when she could. 

"Flo." A voice seemed to call. Or was it her imagination? Startled, she looked around, but saw no one. 

"Flo." It called again, clearer this time. And this time, she called back to whoever called out to her. 

The closer she got, the louder the call. 

The sea monster had long since disappeared in the fog, but Flo could still hear its cries, as well as...cheering? What was this all about, had this always been a trick? She was starting to be glad she had no friends to tell this tale to, and her fear was replaced with determination. 

She'd tried to focus on silhouettes she had noticed, but as soon as they appeared, they dissolved into the mist. She shook her head, not understanding any of what was happening.

"Well I'll be..." Wayre exclaimed, looking around, seemingly for the same reasons. They shared a glance, and the human nodded at the Stryx. 

Flo flapped her wings harder, penetrating the fog. She'd considered using her Nature Breath to help her see, but it was of no use. Sometimes she wished it had been fire instead. She scoffed. Nevertheless, she gave it a go, opening her beak to let out something, anything- but it wasn't working. Perhaps because they were so far from any source of earth. 

She could feel Wayre tightening his grip on her as she went faster and further into the gloom, where they did not know what was waiting for them. 

Flo took a calming breath and closed her eyes.

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