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hey there! i'm wiick, and i'm a feral artist doing my best. i mainly draw cats so most of my characters are some sort of feline. other than drawing, writing and worldbuilding/charadev i'm very into biology, warrior cats, elder scrolls, pokemon and pikmin. i'm disabled and take a while to respond to things so please be patient with me! for that reason i'd also appreciate if people refrained from making comments about my grammar.

community interaction form

commissions: closed.

trades: case by case basis, message me and we may be able to work something out!

collaborations: case by case basis.

requests: closed.

roleplay: open!

gifts for me: art + literature okay! do message me first if you plan on including any heavier topics as i might not be comfortable with it.

characters for sale/trade: i have a toyhou.se folder for this, if a character isn't on there or i haven't labeled as UFS/T then do not offer on them. it makes me very uncomfortable.

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