I'm an artist and writer, and I dabble in lots of other stuff like coding, making music, making YouTube videos, making too many projects for myself to handle... pff.

I have a webcomic, and would be happy if you checked it out: All the World's a Roulette

ART programs I use: Easy PaintTool SAI, Photohop 7.0
WRITING programs: Libre Office Writer


...webcomic is Unsounded and Bittersweet Candy Bowl.
...animes are My Hero Academia, A Certain Magical Railgun, and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood.
...cartoons are Steven Universe and Rick & Morty.
...other TV shows are Stranger Things, Doctor Who, The Outer Limits, Criminal Minds, and Bones.
...movies are Deadpool, Zootopia, Megamind, Tremors, Rango, Cats Don't Dance, The Iron Giant, Treasure Planet, and Tarzan.
...YouTubers are I Hate Everything, YourMovieSucks... these change sometimes, but those work for now.
...bands/singers are Steam Powered Giraffe, Owl City, The Birthday Massacre, Marina and the Diamonds, and Florence + the Machine.  I also love many YouTube music makers. <3
...games are Night in the Woods, League of Legends, Overwatch, Fallout: New Vegas, Portal 1 & 2, Super Mario 64 DS, Minecraft, Pokemon Black/White, Pokemon Sun/Moon, Terraria, and World of Goo.
...artists are Bonka-chan, squonkhunter, Kate-FoX (all from deviantART because that's my home xD), coulsart, and blooniverse (those two from Tumblr).

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