Name: Buckley or just Buck (typically people only call me "Buckley" when they're scolding me lol).

Age: 24

Pronouns: He/it
Etc: Trans male (TME), aroallo bisexual and queer af. Autistic/ADHD and many other ND things. Cat person. Furry. Zombie. Lover of weirdcore, horror, and certain dark subjects in fiction. Avatar of The Flesh. Certified fat guy. Jack(ass) of many trades. Hardcore leftist.


I'm just some artist guy on the interwebs doing this stuff for fun. Some pieces are more low-effort than others, but I generally try my best in everything I draw. I love getting comments and interaction on my stuff! Even if I'm a bit awkward at times, I do like conversing with others.

My Carrd has more info about my socials. If you need to reach me about commissions and can't do so on any website I'm on, you may try contacting me via Discord @ zombiehaus. Please ONLY contact me there for emergencies or commission related stuff, though.


Commissions: Tentatively open (ask). Adults (anyone 18 years or older) may also ask about NSFW/kink commissions and YCHs.
Regular commissions | 300x300px or 200x200px icons | Plate Pals YCH (furry only).


Requests: CLOSED.


Art trades: Friends only.


Role play: HUGE maybe. You can ask, but I can't guarantee I'll say yes.

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