ZING!  My name's Nicole.  I'm 19 years old, and I love to write and draw.  When I started out, I was in my manga phase and so only really learned how to draw manga-style.  I'm trying to drift away from that and into the "classic animation" style, like Disney.  Any pointers would be incredibly helpful since I think most of my work still looks too Japanese-inspired.

I joined this site a few years ago, but I haven't updated in a while.  This is mostly because I don't have a scanner at school, so anything I draw on a sketchpad doesn't really get to see the light of day (or cyberworld).  While I'm at home, I can use the scanner.  What's GREAT, though, is that I recently came into possession of a GRAPHICS TABLET, which is my new best friend and circumvents the scanner problem entirely.  I'm learning to use it and to draw in a new style.

Again, any advice will be welcomed.  Disney and manga look nothing alike, but there are a lot of subtle differences that I haven't quite figured out yet.


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