Please note I'm a part time worker so replies may be slow!

Hello I am SirenaSib! Feel free to call me Sirena, Siren, or Sib. I'm just here to try and get a bigger portfolio and to practice some diffrent things, and of course to beat art block. 

Some more info

Pronouns: She/Her or They/Them

Programs: IPad- Autodesk Sketchbook or Procreate / Computer- Krita

Interest: Video Games, Sci-fi and Fantasy books, DnD, Music, Writing, and of corse art!

Other ways to find me: Xbox, Flight Rising, Archive of our Own, Twitter(must be +18) - SirenaSib  / instagram (not used much) SpartanK213


Commissions: [Open]

Trades: [Case by Case]* Need to discus heavily before this happens, prefer if we also know each other a bit. 

Collaborations: [Closed]

Requests: [Closed]

Roleplay: [Open/Case by Case] It's been a hot minute since I roleplayed (aka almost 10 years YIKES!) But I'm willing to try it again if my schedule permits but it's not a guarentee. 

Gifts for Me: [Art only]

Characters for Sale/Trade: [None]



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