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My name is Reina; I'm a seventeen-year-old who likes to imagine that she can sing, write, and draw somewhat decently. I've been drawing since I could hold a pencil, albeit not very well, of course. I've been drawing anime sytle for the better part of six or seven years. I taught myself by copying Sailor Moon pictures. I've never taken formal art classes, but I am in a few classes at school.

I play the piano, violin, cello, and guitar; I like to imagine that I can play the flute, but I can't get my mouth to fit over the opening the right way. I also like to pretend I can sing, which is amusing since I'm tone deaf.

Otherwise, I'm a slave to the school system and trying to escape by going to college. This, of course, furthers my education and continues enslaving me. Joyousness and rapture.

[email protected]@[email protected]

Important Info:

SnK does requests! Yay! However, please note, that I take a long time to do them. Senior year is sucking my life away.

--Regarding Requests--
1. I will not draw hentai/yaoi/yuri for other people.
2. I don't do animals. Yet.
3. Dear God, keep the amount of people to a minimum. Group shots are a pain in the ass. EXCEPTION: If you want chibis.
4. No mecha. Unless you want a blob labled "mecha".
5. Don't run up to me and say "OMG!!!!!11!!198475! Cn u plz dra me? I have brown hair n green eyes n im 5 feet tall!!" That irritates me.
6. For the love of God, link me to something. If you can't link me, be prepared to write me a mini essay on what your character looks like. I don't want to get anything wrong.
7. Be prepared to wait a while. I have a life and it gets in the way.

Current requests (in no particular order):

Current contests (in no particular order):
1. Masquerade Costume Contest (on FAC)

[email protected]@[email protected]


Q: Why won't you draw me hentai/yaoi/yuri? You've done it before.
A: I have only drawn one yaoi piece, and I don't plan on drawing another. I have never drawn yuri, and I never will. As for the two (three?) pieces of Lucifer and Yanagi, I don't consider those hentai. Hentai implies in-your-face-pussy-action. How I've drawn Lucifer and Yanagi is nothing like that. They're a couple, making love in those pictures. It happens when you want babies.

Q: I don't like my request. Can you draw me another one?
A: No. Not unless I don't like the picture either. I try to put at least 4-5 hours into each of my pictures, including my requests. That's too much time to scrap and redo, unless I truly loathe the piece.

Q: Will you draw something for me just because?
A: Erm, that would be a request. I draw random gifts for people because I want to do something for them.

Q: Can I draw your characters? Can I color your line art?
A: Heck yes! I just ask that you let me know you're doing so with a small comment on my user page, and that you mention the characters/line art belongs to me in your comments on the piece.

Q: Will you illustrate my story?
A: No. As flattered as I am, I just don't have the time. I will, however, draw you one or two pictures.

Q: I have a script for a manga. Will you draw it?
A: No. I'm uber-flattered, but I don't have the time. I will do a chapter cover for you, if you want.

Q: Where's my request?
A: I have school, I have clubs after school, I'm invovled in sports. Give me at least a week or two.

Q: What do you use to color?
A: I do most line art and coloring in Adobe Photoshop CS with a tablet. I do, sometimes, ink with a pen and then color in photoshop. It's rare that I do anything completely in photoshop.

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Latest writing

  • Cover for Knight for Arkillian

    Knight for Arkillian

    Gotta love the totally crapy title, which can, and most likely will be, changed. This poem was done for Arkillian, for a story she has uploaded on Red Curtain. She asked for a poem, so I sat down and set myself to working. It's always a fun challenge to write poetry incorporating established elements. A pain in the butt, but fun. Because this is for Arkillian, please, for the love of God and all things holy, do not make comments about it. I'm marking this "comfort food" in case people notice typos, but since this is Arkillian's poem, in the long run, frankly she's the only one I want to tear this to pieces. One more thing (wow, I write too much here...): I gave this to my father and he mentioned the lines repeating at the beginning and the end. He wondered if I had messed something up. Nope, it's supposed to be like that. I, personally, love this stylistic effect. I feel it brings things full-circle, which was something I wanted in this poem.

  • Cover for Lace and Celtic Knots Tutorial

    Lace and Celtic Knots Tutorial

    A nifty way to make lace and Celtic knots.

  • Cover for Pretending a Lie

    Pretending a Lie

    Something I wrote for the guy I fancy myself in love with. Which is funny, because it's not my boyfriend. My boyfriend will be my ex as of Monday.

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