The name's V or Villain.  (He/They)

I love TTRPGs and drawing, I've have been playing them/drawing for years, but amazingly, I'm new to ARPGs!


Link to my Carrd.

If you'd like to see more of my art, unrelated to PaperDemon, check out my deviantART, or Tumblr.


Community Interaction Form

Commissions: Closed atm, will open at some point in the future.

Trades: Case by Case, feel free to message me and ask if you have an idea.  I am on artfight, so during july come attack me, I try to revenge everyone, but no promises as sometimes art-block is a thing.

Collaborations: Case by Case, feel free to message me and ask if you have an idea.

Requests: Closed.

Roleplay: Closed.

Gifts for Me: Art from anyone is okay.  Literature is friends only.  (if you are a friend writing any of my characters, please send me the writing before posting it, so I can see if it's in character or not.)

Characters for Sale/Trade: Closed, may make adoptables at some point idk.


Keep in mind I have pretty bad anxiety, so it may take me awhile to respond to messages or comments.  I also sometimes will take time off socials, so don't freak out or worry if I don't respond for a few days/weeks.  I don't hate you or find you annoying unless I directly say it, if anything I'm really happy to talk to people, I just get overwhelmed easily.