I'm still new to all of this and the guides haven't proven to be that useful to me (no offense intended) so it's likely that I will be struggling to get going and "stagger" as I do so.

 I'm not that great at visible art but writing is where I shine (or so I think, there's a lot of critics out there). I'm pretty accepting of people/ideas/ect so you don't really need to be concerned about anything. One thing that always makes me mad is when someone is the victim of abuse of any kind, always.

The original Magna's described in detail on furaffinity. Anything you want to make/publish you should send a copy to my email, if you want me to actually take a look at it, include Magna, furaffinity, and/or paperdemon, otherwise I'm going to consider it spam. I'm not being mean here, I'm just stating facts.

[email protected]

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