• Community Interaction Form 2/12/23

    Feb 12, 2023, 11:17:57 PM | 1 minutes

    Commissions: Closed right now

    Trades: Open

    Collaborations: Acquaintances/Friends Only

    Requests: Case by case

    Roleplay: Acquaintances/Friends Only

    Gifts for Me: Yes

    Characters for Sale/Trade: Nope.

    I prefer to get to know someone a little before doing a collaboration or roleplay with them! If we've been interacting for a bit on the website or on Discord, it's alright to ask about RP or collaborations.

    I will take requests, but I reserve the right to turn them down. For example, I will not draw NSFW content or excessive gore.


    Disclaimer: I might get swamped with real life things, which will impact my ablitity to get back to you in a timely fashion. I'll do my best to commuciate if that happens.