One of the first things I remember myself doing as a kid is drawing; that might say something about me and what I like ^^
So, the artistic thingie was stuck in my from very young times on, and I've been drawing ever since. Painting appealed to me some seven years ago. Most of what I do is self taught, though I followed some very useful lessons a few years ago.
The fantasy theme came in some ten years ago, when I discovered Tolkien, Magic: The Gathering and the like. Myths and folklore have always been a great source of inspiration too, and lately I've found myself making loads of Harry Potter fanart.
Other interests are: art in general (I study art history and am currently specializing in medieval Art, though I'm also a big fan of 19th century art in general, and contemporary fantasy art) ; reading (everything from art/history to horror/fantasy to witchcraft/myth/folklore); music (also loads of different things, Tori Amos, Gorillaz, Kate Bush, The Gathering, Faith & the Muse, Aesma Daeva, Miranda Sex Garden etc. etc.) Among my favourite artists are: Alan Lee, Rebecca Guay, Amy Brown, Salvador Dalì, Jamie Hewlett, William Degouve and, again, many more.

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