Just an artist, a gamer and a good drawer for lost socks.

This account is for Dracostryx stuff only, if you want to see my other finished arts, they'll be in my DA.

Rothigan is my one and only Rider, all my Stryx are his, though he will not actually ride on any of the Runners, unless they're around the same size as a Flyer.

He also rides bareback, clinging on for dear life (does not mean Stryx never have gear such as for transporting).

Commissions: Stryx only. USD/AP and I will also take tokens, feathers and other items equivalent to the price.

Trades: Open, I'm pretty broke, but I might have something around to offer.

Collaborations: Open, I can do lines and flats :>

Requests: If you want a sketch correction that's fine, but otherwise only friends and those I've had interactions with for a while.

Roleplay: I'm a bit rusty and get context clues mismatched a lot...

Gifts for Me: I like to get gifts 's all :>

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