• Cover for Portal Posi Boss Battle

    Portal Posi Boss Battle

    The adventures of the Battle against Portal Posi. Will we win?!

    Last updated Feb 27, 2024
    Total Chapters 6
  • Cover for EPO: Cliffhanger - 1200 Words

    EPO: Cliffhanger - 1200 Words

    The final challenge will focus on environmental challenges during the battle. High winds roar across the crumbling stone structure that weaves back and forth across boiling hot springs and lava. Use your elemental abilities to keep yourself safe while you defeat your opponent! Avoid the elemental traps while you defeat your opponent with your elemental powers. 


    You must depict your character, your opponent, and an elemental trap of your choice (for example high winds, crumbling stone, lava, etc)

    Last updated Apr 5, 2023
    Total Chapters 1
  • Cover for EPO: Stuff 'n Fluff

    EPO: Stuff 'n Fluff


    While some less attentive thinkers may believe that offensive capability is the sole expression of strength, we at the Academic Collective are in tune with many angles of power. In this challenge, you and your opponent will each be issued three delicate plush toys. The winner will be the competitor who destroys all of their opponents' plushies while protecting at least one of their own. Protect your plushies from your opponent while destroying theirs. You must depict your character, your opponent, and at least the remnants of at least one plushie.

    Last updated Mar 8, 2023
    Total Chapters 1
  • Cover for Friend or Fo

    Friend or Fo

    Taking time to help others is important... but it can also make you forget to take care of yourself. Enjoy Fo's dip into the journey of self-care. 

    Last updated Jan 6, 2023
    Total Chapters 1