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    Crater Playable Trainer Species INFO GUIDE

    Playable Trainer Species


    Human: Generic Human with little to no physical alterations

    Traditional humans have limited stamina, strength, speed, etc. Remember that while Humans may not have many specialized strengths and abilities, they are highly adaptable. They can travel to places and endure more extreme changes and environments than other non-human species in Crater.
    Humans excel at survival because they can be good at a wide variety of environments, tasks, challenges, and environments, instead of being specialized in only one or two areas. While not all Humans can naturally communicate with Pokemon like Altered Humans or Elves, they can also excel in city environments without being too easily overwhelmed or overstimulated.

    Altered Humans

    Altered Humans are people who seem to be totally human at a genetic level, yet still manifest certain Pokemon Traits like ears, tails, horns, and more!
    These humans do not possess any special powers or abilities, and while they can have high tolerances for normally hostile environments based on what Pokemon type their traits resemble, they can also have very low tolerances when encountering something that would be considered a Type Disadvantage.

    Magical and Non-Human Races

    Nonhuman magical races in Crater can be widely varied! They are confined to a few general rules, as adults can not be shorter than 3 feet tall, nor taller than 7.5 feet, just like Humans and Altered Humans. While they have some things in common with Altered Humans, such as they can not have snouts any longer or bigger than the average human nose, and nothing that changes their face so extreme that it becomes more animal than human, they are also free of others.
    While Altered Humans can only have small vestigial wings that they can not use to fly, non-human races very commonly have wings and can fly without any issue. The same goes for aquatic non-humans and many other species!
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