• The Nature of Earth and Fire Element

    Apr 11, 2022, 9:22:18 AM | 2 minutes

    Bordayus set up his notes and wait for class to settle down before he begin...


    "Greeting. Today for our First Class, I will begin by Discussing the nature of Element of Magic and Power. The Primal nature of Magic and Power in this Galaxy follow a Fundermental law that may yet confuse a few folks.Take in Point the Balance between Fire and Earth."


    "Fire happen to be Weak against Water but Strong against Air, yet most wonder why Earth that provide forest to burn is not Fire Strength against. The Answer is simple, While Nature is an domain of Earth, Earth itself is mostly the stone and Dirt that make a planet. Oxgen how ever is needed to burn, so Fire consume Air. Pretty simple concept though made complicated by alien race culture, enviorment and so forth. After all it can easily be seen that Fire boil Water to create gass that create clouds in the Air that create rainstorm that flood the Earth instead of the more stable galaxy noted Elemental balance of Fire Consume Air, Air consume Earth, Earth Consume Water, and Water consume Fire."


    "Now let us touch base on Earth. Earth is Weak against Air, but Strong against Water. Many are quick to note that Earth is Flooded by Water and Plants make Oxgen for Air. While valid of course, truth is, Earth Carry Water, absorb it, at worst, turn Dry Dirt into Mud, but still Earth.As for Air? Part of Air is Wind which blow over the Earth, eroding it down to nothing. Of course most are quick to note Water has the same effect. This is true, how ever most water current is created by Earth Shifting or wind Current or the like, less about Water which just flow where it directed. Naturally diffrent culture and beleif beg to differ."


    "So with this lesson coming to it near conclusion...What of Earth and Fire? The Two are Balance, While Earth Seal Fire deep within itself, Fire often come out in Force in that what we called Volcanos...In this, Fire and Earth are Balance, neither one having strength or weakness to each other."

    "With that lesson over, Next time, The Nature of Air and Water ELement. Good Day."