Hey all, Welcome to my Profile.
I have been here for a bit working on my skills and everything, and I am proud of my progress.  I like to try new things all the time.  :D I really enjoy drawing, writing, creating, and anything else artistic in anyway. I am also quite obssesed with anime, for some reason unknown. It just catches my eye and won't let me turn with out it anymore. And finally, I enjoy making friends online, as I do it very often, and have no problems with some one I do not know contacting me to get to know me. ^^ All I can do is hope you aren't a freak!! LoL

Ok, what else is there to know about me. I love to play my guitar. It is my lover.  I also love to play keyboard and/or piano. Music is my passion, right alongside drawing, and writing. I love the arts.

I've been told by many that I act extremely mature for my age, and think beyond my years.  I can act serious and have my own views of this world formulated in my head, and I do not object to listening to yours, but please do not force your life on me. I live as I do, and think as I want.  Its a pet peeve, you could say.

I love to play around and act stupid with my friends though. Im young and human, of course I do. :) I like to joke and play around with people, and pretend that I am quite the 'idoit' (purpose spelling). Haha.  I can be playful and have a nearly non-exsitent breaking point. I can take a lot and not be angered at all. But if you push the rigt buttons, you will see my anger peak through.
But to be able to just make me want to kill you? Nearly impossible.  It takes a lot of long, drawn out things to get me to that point.

I love my friends dearly. They are what make me me. Without them, I surely would not be like this. Maybe because eveything around you influences you, in some way or another. That would make sense.  Hehe. ^-^;;

I've also been told that I am 'smart' or 'wise' a lot. Im not sure what it is each of these people define as 'smart', or as to have some semblence of intuectuality, but I myself dont agree. Although I wont say the compliment does not stroke my ego. I would be lieing. Haha. ^-^ 

Hm. What other random nonsense you dont need to know about me should I inform you of anyway. I like using 'big words'  as my friends refer to them. I dont think of them as big words, more as words that are not used quite as often.

Um. No more random babble that I can come up with.  :) Thank  you for  taking the time to learn about me! :D

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  • Cover for Let Me Fade

    Let Me Fade

    Sometimes you want to hide from the painful truth. Sometimes people like to live a lie.

  • Cover for Color of You

    Color of You

    Each color represents something about a person. If you can figure out what each color represents, this poem makes more sense. If you cant, go ahead and ask. =]

  • Cover for Escaping the Moon

    Escaping the Moon

    When you hurt someone, and you get hurt... sometimes your paths aren't divided. Sometimes you both just have to escape what holds you in the dark. Dont ask me where I get these poems from, I dont know. lol

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