“This world is a dream,
and a dream is where I meet you.” ♡

🌺Alexandria "Sha" Angel💟Yuri, Karasu's Wife🌺

"I am enough.” ~Android 17

I’m a self-taught artist, writer, and Christian part of Tealight Stories. I ♡ Sanrio, Studio Ghibli, Nintendo, cats, crows, foxes, vampyres, tea, and such. My reality is different, as I hallucinate characters.

Hello! ♡ My name is Alexandria "Sha" Angel, with my preferred nickname being Sha (pronounced like the French word "chat" meaning "cat"), short for Alexandria, and shared with several of my self-insert original characters; most notably, Sha Pris Amaranth (aka Shadowmare), and Jung Sha-Mina (aka Kagemitsu). My brothers affectionately call me Nabi which is a Korean name meaning "Butterfly", as well as what they refer to their kittycats. I also go by Yuri as a fangirl online. I am an aspiring webcomic artist and author, co-writing Gothic stories with my brothers and best friend as part of our art group, Tealight Stories.

Fun fact: The PaperDemon Art Role Playing Game item Elemensha, which is an elemental crystal, was named after me during my time here as a volunteer and staff member.

I am also the muse and inspiration behind Pris in Mal Meets The Rebel by my surrogate Big Sis, Jennifer.

Here on PaperDemon, my gallery consists of entries I've made for events hosted by PaperDemon - to see more of my artwork, pls visit TealightStories (for original art) and EleganceOfNight (for fan art) on deviantART!

  • Note: This is the only website where I host my long since scrapped webcomic series, Flame Knight, btw! Feel free to check it out. More webcomics coming soon! x ♡

Commissions: Closed

Trades: Open

Collaborations: Friends only

Requests: Closed

Roleplay: I only roleplay with my brothers and best friend♡

Gifts for Me: All gifts are welcome - thank you for thinking of me♡

Characters for Sale/Trade: None at the moment, check back later!

  • Side note: I actually joined on August 12th, 2018 - two days after I was released from my first hospital stay. Not sure why it shows a day behind, but okays! ^^;

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