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Crystal Caves Campaign Chapter 1

This campaign is connected to the Lyra portal.

There is no deadline for this event.

In this campaign event, you will play an interactive story game where your choices will impact the outcome of the plot. This campaign is a solo campaign, meaning that you will play through it on your own with a single character at a time. At the end of each chapter, you will create a piece of art or writing of your character in the story. You’ll be rewarded with loot and portal-exclusive prizes for each chapter challenge that you complete.

With a final roar of fury, the Crystal Wyrm succumbs to the combined power of those who arrived to stop its rampage.

The Wyrm's trail of destruction is long and terrible. While it will take time for the nearby towns to recover, the foundations of their communities stand firm. Thanks to the daring efforts of the adventurers who heeded the call for help, Lyra has a chance to take a breath and rest before they begin the hard work of rebuilding.

Among the wreckage remain many questions. Why did the Wyrm attack? How can we stop this from happening again? Is there someone out there to blame? 

Join Leslie Everlake to explore the depths, clear his name, learn more about Lyra, and maybe, just maybe, go on a date. Deep beneath the earth, the answers await…

How to participate

To begin your campaign, purchase a Crystal Caves Campaign Key. You can buy Chapter 1 key here. You'll get a key for chapter 2 after you finish chapter 1 and so on.

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The XP and AP rewards are increased for campaigns as the campaigns require both a roleplay element as well as the usual creative challenge. You may run through the campaign multiple times with different characters for full rewards.

For participating in this challenge...

  • You earn 160 XP per chapter you complete

  • You earn 200 gold per chapter you complete

  • Your character earns 14 AP per chapter you complete. 

  • You earn a random item roll per chapter you complete

  • You earn a campaign key for the next chapter

If you complete all three chapters of the challenge...

If you are completing the campaign for a second time with the same character, or would like to submit multiple creative works for the same chapter, you may do so after receiving the Campaign Trophy and submit them as non-challenge art. Each character may only earn the campaign completion rewards once. 

Challenge Requirements

You will be using the character you registered in our Character Creation Challenge. If you haven’t registered a character yet, follow that link to do so!

At the end of each chapter, you’ll be asked to complete a prompt based on that chapter. The prompts will be given to you as you progress through the story.

  • If you are submitting art, it should be a full color or multi-tone greyscale piece that shows at least half of your character’s body and matches the prompt you have chosen. There should be a loose background at minimum, but it does not need to be elaborate. Shading is optional.

  • If you are submitting writing, your registered character should be the focus of the piece. The piece should be at least 700 words and it must match the content of the chapter you have chosen.

  • For solo campaigns, you may use the prompt fills you wrote during the chapter as part of your Chapter Challenges.

  • Submit your art or writing in the form below for your rewards. Each campaign chapter submission should be a separate artwork or writing chapter in order to get rewards. You will need to complete each challenge while the campaign is running in order to receive the rewards.


Begin the campaign


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