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Changes to Armor and Weapon Crafting Are Here!

November 17, 2023


We've made some changes to the way elemental armor and weapons are created and function. As previously announced here, we've reworked our armor and weapon crafting to make it easier for our staff to manage going forward. 


We're introducing a new feature to weapon and armor crafting. You can now get a custom item with your original armor or weapon designs, by forging. Forging works by making an artwork with your armor/weapon design and submitting it to the queue. Your crafted item will be swapped for your forged item. This will create a unique item which you can use yourself or sell or trade to another player.


Here's how the new weapon/armor crafting works.


  • Art is no longer required for crafting. You only need to create art if you want to forge it.

  • Instead of crafting separate helmets, chest plates, and greaves, you just craft one armor item, either medium or heavy armor. 

  • Old armor still works for now but the elemental defense has been removed. The new armor has no elemental properties but the defense is higher.

  • Elemental weapons still function the same but now have different items that indicate the color aster used to create them for forging. The old ones still work for now but we prefer you trade them in. You must trade them in for the upgraded ones if you want to forge.

  • You can craft the items yourself now from the new crafting page without needing to draw any art.


To facilitate these changes, we need to swap everyone's existing armor/weapon pieces with new armor sets/weapons. Please see the Armor and Weapon swap announcement for details.

Art requirements for forging have been lowered and simplified and no longer require drawing your character. Check out the new weapon crafting and armor crafting guides for more information on how to forge.


Forging is now open.