Picture Day

The deadline has passed
Deadline: Sep 11, 2023, 12:00:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time

This Special Event is open from Aug 26 - Sept 30, 2023

Around the Paperverse, fliers have started appearing. They wave idly in the breeze, and seem resistant to the weather. If you approach, you will find that it’s an advertisement for a portraiture studio. They are apparently in need of faces for their students to practice on. Those who apply get a full color bust portrait to take home for free. You just have to show up. 

Sounds like a steal!


Calling all writers! 

You’ve worked hard on your word-based craft… But sometimes, do you wish you had a character portrait that you could show people so others can more easily collaborate with you? 


The PaperDemon Team feels the same way!

With so many visual learners on the site, we want to extend an opportunity for you to get your very own character portraits drawn by the people you’ve come to know and love as your friends and community.


For writers

  • You'll receive a portrait of your character by an artist

  • You'll receive a Makeover kit so you can file a redesign request

  • Your character will receive 5 AP if an artist draws your character


For artists

How it works

First, we'll collect applications from writers along with detailed information about their characters. Artists will then get to choose which character's they'd like to draw portraits for. Artists will submit their work to redeem rewards. Then writers will submit the portrait to the Redesign queue to get their character sheets updated.


How to participate


  1. Update the Player Notes section of your character sheet with the following information to make it easier for our artists to achieve your vision of your character. 

    1. Image references, and add them to your character’s description. This will 

    2. Please make your descriptions and reference for your character’s face, neck, head, shoulders, ears, etc. as specific as possible. The more detail you have, the closer you will get to your ideal portrait. 

    3. Characterization is as important as visual descriptors. If you want your character to be perceived a certain way off the cuff, please add this to your character summary. 

  2. Submit to the queue at the bottom of this page by September 10, 2023

  3. After you receive a portrait, you'll submit it to the Redesign queue if you'd like it to become your character's portrait.


See the Picture Day - Art Queue for details.


Here are the rules of engagement.


Please remember that this is a free service. If you have a complaint about the portrait, please either ask nicely for the artist to make the adjustment, or don’t ask at all. Since free art is a gift, please remember that gratefulness blesses both the giver and the recipient.


Please DO… 

✅ Be open and honest. We want to make sure your character looks like your character. That’s the point of the portrait. If you feel that the presentation that’s been made of your character doesn’t match what you wrote, we can look into it. 

✅ Express if an important detail is off. There’s always that one thing that makes your character yours. Those details that are so important to your backstory, or your character’s personality mean a lot to you, and we know that. So if something is missing, misplaced, or perhaps you just forgot to put it into your description, please don’t hesitate to say it. 

✅ Enjoy! Feel free to brag up your artist! While they’re doing this for free, it feels really great to know someone likes your work, and, hey! Might as well give out that free serotonin. 


Please DO NOT…

⛔ Ask for a full remake. Keep in mind that your artist has other responsibilities. If you are so dissatisfied with the free version, perhaps consider commissioning your artist instead so you both have more value per time spent.

⛔ Comment that you do not like something without a detailed explanation. This is both frustrating and disheartening. If you have an image in your mind, dig deep and reach out. Grab those references and give your artist something to work off of. 


We look forward to all of your requests, and to seeing all of the fun and funky characters that we’ll get to see the way you intended them. 


Acknowledgements: Event written by CrazyShir0