Introducing the Starter Kit

Greetings PaperDemons!

We've introduced a new Starter Kit to PaperDemon Art RPG to help welcome newcomers to the game with some gifted premium items.

The bundle of items that is in the Starter Kit may change over time, but as of the time of this posting on August 4, 2023 it includes the following:

  • x1 Elemensha Crystal
  • x1 Bookwyrm Bookmark
  • x3 Orange Aster
  • x1 Battle Token
  • x1 Junket Tank
  • x1 I created a character collectable

The staff debated a long time about whether to include the Elemensha Crystal as this is a high value premium item that helps financially support PaperDemon. However we realize that putting up a paywall so early in the game can be disheartening to new members so we thought it would help to start them off with one freebie. Our hope is that those who get into the game enough to want to make a monetary purchase to support us will likely have more than one character anyway and consider an Elemensha purchase on their second character.

How to claim your starter kit

If you're new, you'll automatically get your starter kit when your first character is approved in the queue.

If you're an existing member who didn't get this starter pack and would like to get one, just register a new character and you'll get one when your character receives approval.

Limit 1 starter kit per player


If you have questions or feedback about this, please let us know in the Discord


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