Healing Guide

If your HP reaches 0, you'll no longer be able to enter attacks in battle until you heal your character.

If you run low on HP, you can use a healing item to replenish HP.

  1. Purchase a healing item from the Item Shop or get one from a random drop.

  2. Put in a request in the healing thread.

  3. Please wait a few days for your request to be processed. These are currently processed by an admin but later we'll have a system where you can self-serve use a healing item instantly.

Available healing items include...

Tea - Unicorn Earwax Blend
100 HP
Unicorn Earwax
50 HP
Narwhal Sushi
20 HP
(40 HP for Water elementals)
Blazing Burrito
20 HP
(40 HP for Fire elementals)
Castimerian Tea
20 HP
(40 HP for Earth elementals)
Heavenly Rice
20 HP
(40 HP for Sky elementals)

If your character has the Hearty Talisman ability, your character will automatically heal 5 HP with every attack in battle.

Buy Hearty Brooch

How to check your current HP

You can see how much HP (Health Points) your character has by viewing your character sheet and looking at the HP field.