Crafting Tips

Acquiring general crafting ingredients

#1 Buy crafting materials from the shop. Most materials can be acquired with Gold.

See Acquiring Gold below if you need more gold.

#2 Buy a mystery box. Most challenges will give you an XP reward. When you earn XP, you'll level up and earn Spirit Points. 20 Spirit Points will earn you 1 mystery box which drops random crafting materials. You can check your Spirit Point balance near the top of this page.

Acquiring Aster

Aster is a common crafting ingredient for crafting weapons, armor and other equipment. Most crafts require that you have aster of the same color, which can be hard to come by if you're relying on random drops alone. Here are some tips to help you acquire enough aster of the same color to craft what you need.

#1 Buy aster from the shop. We recommend buying Silver, Orange, or Red which are cheaper to obtain.

See Acquiring Gold below.

#2 Trade with other players. We suggest trading items of equivalent value. Such as trading red aster for silver aster. You can request trades in the discord server. Once you've come to an agreement with another player, submit your trade request for processing.

#3 Acquire a Magic Forge. This item lets you complete a craft with half the required ingredients. You can buy these from the shop with Trokens. You can earn Trokens from special events or purchase Trokens from the Premium shop.

#4 You can farm Aster by completing the Pavia portal. You can complete a portal multiple times, and even re-complete the same prompt as long as you create a new unique work of art each time.

#5 You can increase your random drop rate by equipping a companion like the Scaled Scavenger. Some companions are specifically for finding extra drops.

#6 Rank up your character to increase your random drop rate. The higher your character's rank, the more random item drops you get, which most of the major challenges offer. You may want to focus on ranking up one character at a time to maximize your rewards. See the Ranks guide.


Acquiring gold

Need more gold to buy some needed crafting ingredients? Here's some ways to get more Gold.

#1 Look at your inventory page for items under the Scraps & Trash Items category and sell these items back to the bank for Gold. These items serve no purpose other than to be exchanged back to the bank for Gold.

You can sell them by clicking on the item from your inventory and clicking the [Sell] button.

#2 Rank up your character. The higher your character's rank, the more gold you get through Adventurers gold, which most of the major challenges offer. You may want to focus on ranking up one character at a time to maximize your rewards. See the Ranks guide.

#3 You can also earn more gold by drawing multiple registered characters in your entries. Ask in the discord if anyone is willing for you to draw their character.

#4 Increase your luck with companions like Trumpet the Elephant that increase your gold drop rate in boss fights.

#5 If you're willing to spend real dollars for a shortcut, you can also buy Gold from the Premium shop.


Have a suggestion for a tip not covered here? Let us know in the suggestion box of discord.