3rd Anniversary Fundraiser

Fundraising Goal $500 Achieved! 🎉

 Stretch Goal $600 Achieved! 🎉

Greetings PaperDemons! Can you believe it's the third year anniversary of the PaperDemon Art RPG? That's crazy pants! We're celebrating the anniversary of our game's release with a sale. Purchase some goodies from our shop at a deep discount to fulfill all your Art RPG hopes and dreams. Read on to check out some of the new releases to our shop. Please help us raise the needed funds to keep our game going.

💖 Your monetary contributions go directly toward developing new game content. Thank you kindly for considering supporting us! Please only make a purchase if you're financially able to do so. 💖

Sale extended to July 7th!


20% off!

Get 20% off Trokens, Gold, Welcome Packs, and everything else in our Square Shop with coupon code anniversary23 if you shop by Jul 9th, 2023.



Free Gift with Purchase

Everyone who makes a purchase from our Premium Shop or becomes a Patron by Jul 9th, 2023 will receive a free virtual plushie of Cyrus Skyllo. Existing Patrons will also receive this gift.

Stretch Goal Bonus Gift

If we hit our stretch goal of $600 by Jul 9th, everyone who made a purchase (including existing Patrons on Patreon) will get x2 Magic Forges, which let you half the required ingredients for a craft. Limit 1 bonus gift per customer.

Goal Rewards

Goal Achieved! 🎉

If we reach our $500 funding goal this fundraiser, we will add a new item to the game called 3D Glasses. This craftable consumable item will let you double the AP reward for all characters depicted for one submission.

Crafting recipe: x1 volai crystal, x1 red aster, x1 blue aster

Goal Achieved! 🎉

If we reach our $600 funding goal this fundraiser, we will add a new item to the game called Prismatic Spectacles. This craftable accessory will increase your critical attack rate.

Crafting recipe: x2 volai crystal, x2 mage glass, x1 aster of any color

New Items this season

Volai Companions

These beautiful companions from the world of Lyra will boost your magic power in battle. They're available for 100 Trokens each.

Volai Companion
Layla the Volai
Volai Companion
Estelar the Volai

Talisman Accessories

You may have caught a sneak peak of these in the last sale, but now they are officially operational in game. Customize your character's talisman ability with these unique accessories. Each accessory grants your character a different ability. Limit one accessory per character.

Advocate Medallion
Charismatic Compact
Crafty Loom
Hearty Brooch
Indomitable Shield
Lucky Windchime
Mentor Microscope
Protector Staff
Steamroller Hammer

Featured Items

Want to support us but not sure what to buy? Here are some community favorites.

Welcome Pack

 This bundle will get you a 1 year premium membership on PaperDemon.com along with the following virtual in-game items.

x1 Elemensha,
x1 Companion of your choice,
x2 Bookwyrm Bookmarks

Buy Now


Trokens are our premium currency that get you access to premium items in the item shop. With them you can buy companions, accessories, weapons, Elemensha crystals, premium crafting materials, and more.

Buy Trokens


Customize your character's Latent Elemental power with this crystal.

Premium Membership

Get a golden wing next to your name on PaperDemon.com and organize your art submissions with folders. Buy two years, get one free.


Patreon is a monthly online subscription starting at $2/month. If you join at $5/month or higher, you get access to our most popular benefit, early access to all weekly prompts, Quests, Portals, and Boss Fight prompts so you have more time to complete challenges.

 Joining our patreon also gets you access to our Patrons discord channel.



Everything at $2 tier PLUS

Early access to challenges

Sneak Peaks

20 Spirit Points/month



Everything at $5 tier PLUS

50 Spirit points (instead of 20)/month

1 Battle Token/month



Everything at $10 tier PLUS

160 Trokens per month

Become a Patron


Special thank you to the following folks who contributed to the new content this season:

Shyftlock for game events, concepts, and mechanics

Yanang for item art

BogusRed for website code, item art, event art, and social media content