ACTION REQUIRED: Add your character bios to your character sheets

A major update will be released to PaperDemon next week. In this new update, when you create a character, your character bio form will be going into the Player Notes section of your character sheets.

If you already have an approved character in the PDARPG, please update the Player notes section of your character sheets to paste in your character form and biography you wrote when you created your character.

Character Full Name: (name goes here)

Character Age: (age goes here)

Character Species: (human, elf, paper demon, etc)

Hair color: (if applicable)

Eye color: (if applicable)


Brief biography: (Write five or more sentences.)

(Writers only) Character Description: (100 words describing your character)

This will make it significantly easier for other players to learn more about your characters because they wont have to hunt through your submission history to find your character bio.

Here's step by step instructions

  1. Visit and login. Click the My Account link or your avatar in the upper right.
  2. Click "My Profile" then go to your "Art" or "Writing" tab (which ever you used for your character registration).
  3. Navigate through your submissions to find the one you used for your character registration. Click on it.
  4. Select and Copy your character form and biography.
  5. Click the My Account link or your avatar in the upper right.
  6. Click "My Characters" then click on your character.
  7. Then click the [Edit] Button under Player Notes
  8. Paste your bio
  9. Click save.


If you registered at Fanimecon, this step was already done for you and no action is required.