Talisman Abilities

Hey everyone! Check your character sheets to find out what your character's talisman ability is!
Here's a list of all the different abilities and what they do.
Charismatic: Increases NPC assist rate
Hearty: Regenerate 5 HP every battle entry
Steamroller: Increases your attack power
Indomitable: Increases your defense
Protector: Casts a defense buff on your duocast partner in battle
Advocate: Cast attack buff on duocast partner in battle
Mentor: 1AP extra for one other character (not your own) that you draw in your submissions
Crafty: 1 magic forge drop per month included in random item drop
Lucky: Extra gold drop for battle art
If you'd like to customize your talisman ability, you can purchase an accessory from the shop. 
All of these abilities, with the exception of Mentor, are fully automated by our rollers. If you have the Mentor ability, please be sure to increase your requested AP by one point for one of the other characters depicted in your entry.