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Campaign Roleplay Hints and Tips

Campaigns are very much a collaborative story. That means that your quest involves other players and their needs and wants as much as it does yours. Be attentive to your team! Express your interests and disinterests. Make sure you’re not being overly controlling or taking up too much of the spotlight. Work together and communicate to make sure everyone’s having a good time!


  • Do elect a leader for your team to keep things moving! Asking everyone for their opinion on something sometimes bogs down the process. Picking a representative who will greenlight moving forward when everyone is unsure will help your game keep up the pace.
  • Do let yourself fail! The story is more interesting if the challenges are actually difficult for your characters and they have to come up with clever or interesting ways to overcome them.

  • Do chat with your teammates out of character however much works best for you. If you prefer to sketch out the roleplay out of character before playing it in character, do that in the out of character thread.

  • Do “yes, and.” This is an improv rule where you roll with what your teammates are doing in roleplay. Instead of cutting them off or immediately ending something they started, find a way to move forwards with it. If  you’re not comfortable with where something is going, bring it up in the out of character thread!


  • Don’t “god mod.” This means that you should avoid controlling other people’s characters in interactions. Don’t put words in other players’ character’s mouths. Don’t force other player’s characters to do things that you have not agreed on beforehand.

  • Don’t derail the story. If you’d like to go wildly off the rails, you’re welcome to do so outside of the official roleplay. If a prompt asks you to go pick strawberries and you instead decide to roleplay going to a spa, it’s not going to feel very coherent when the next prompt tells you that you have to bake a strawberry shortcake.


  • Incorporate past roleplay into present-- your characters are in the same story they were three prompts ago. Did one of your characters get hurt in an earlier prompt? How does that impact them now? Have they had a chance to rest? Are they exhausted? Did a boost from their teammates feed their magic into something more powerful than usual? Flex your creative muscles and give your teammates something interesting to play off of!
  • If you'd like to retroactively change anything, make sure to check in with your teammates. You can change anything except which branching paths you chose in the official prompts. We're not going to be policing your lore and continuity-- that's up to your team. We just want you to have fun on this story journey!


If you have suggestions for additional tips or hints, let us know in the discord.