Start a Campaign

Campaigns are longer, multipart challenges that involve text chat roleplay with other members of the PaperDemon community.

Use this queue to initiate the start of a campaign such as the Marooned In Mushrooms Campaign. See full list of campaigns.


How it works

Campaigns are currently run through Discord. Having a discord account is required for all party members. You can setup your Discord account here.


To begin your campaign, the party leader needs to follow these steps.

  1. Obtain a campaign key. Each campaign chapter has a special key item that you will need to obtain. You can get these items below or by buying them from the shop
  2. Join the Discord server.
  3. Decide on your party. Recruit other members of the community to join you. We suggest asking in the Discord. Each member of your party will need to decide on one character they want to use in the campaign. Find out the discord user tags for all of your party members. You'll need them in the form.
  4. Come up with a team name. This is to make it easier for admin purposes to refer to your group. Here's a team name generator if it helps. Your party size must be two to five people total (including you). One character per player.
  5. Fill out the form below.


Within a few days, a dungeon master will contact you via discord or PaperDemon DM and invite you to your campaign thread on discord with instructions to begin your campaign.

After you complete roleplaying the campaign, you'll be expected to complete an artwork/writing submission on a moment from the campaign which you can submit to a specific queue to redeem rewards

Buy Campaign Keys

Click the links below to purchase campaign keys which get you access to the campaigns.

Marooned in Mushrooms


Additional rules and notes

You must complete prior chapters of a campaign before starting other chapters. For example, you must complete Chapter 1 of Marooned in Mushrooms campaign before beginning Chapter 2

Your party members do NOT need a campaign key. It's one key per party. Feel free to negotiate asking your party members to send you Trokens, gold, or other item trades to help them contribute to the cost of the campaign key.

You do NOT need to use this queue for the Eventide Ring Campaign since that campaign is a solo interactive story.

At some point in the future, we will offer the interactive campaign experience directly on But it will be a while before we have this feature developed. For now, running campaigns via Discord is the best bet.