Elemental Festival 2023

The deadline has passed
Deadline: May 1, 2023, 1:00:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time

This event has closed. It is not available for participation with a Junket Tank. Winners have been announced here.


Greetings PaperDemons! Many worlds of the Paperverse have traditions and events of their own. A small handful span across galaxies– the best known of which is the Elemental Festival, hosted by a different Adventurer’s Guild each year. In this challenge, adventurers collect a different category of item each year to stock Adventurer’s Guilds everywhere. This year, more than a little chaos has broken loose…


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The Adventurer’s Guild on Castimeria has been chosen to host this year’s Elemental Festival. A few days before the kickoff, the Guild’s leadership vanished– along with all of the organization funds! Now thousands of adventurers are stranded on Castimeria, and there are even more on the way.

The first question is… how do we feed them?

With some quick thinking, a junior member of Castimeria’s Guild whips up a quick solution– this year’s festival will pit elemental teams against each other in collecting food! Join other characters of the same element to raise crops, forage, and cook. May the best element win!


For participating in this challenge

  • You earn 50 XP per entry

  • You earn 40 Gold per entry

  • You earn a Buddy Book

  • Your character earns 5 Ability Points (AP) per entry

Characters on the winning team will receive…

  • 2023 Elemental Festival Trophy

Challenge Requirements

For this Art RPG Quest Challenge, you will be taking your very own original character on a special quest. You will be using the character you registered in our Character Creation Challenge. If you haven’t registered a character yet, follow that link to do so!

Pick one of the prompts below and draw or write your registered character in this new world!

  • The artwork must fulfill the prompt and be at minimum a black and white sketch that includes about half of your character’s body

  • If you are submitting writing, your registered character should be the focus of the piece. The piece should be at least 400 words and it must match the content of the prompt you have chosen.

  • Submit your creative work to PaperDemon.com and copy paste the prompt you selected into the submission description

  • To receive AP and items for completing this challenge, submit your work to the form at the bottom of this page.

  • In the form below, indicate one food item from your inventory to spend for your entry.

  • You may enter this challenge as many times as you would like while it is open!

How it Works

Each entry counts for one point for your character’s elemental team. 

You may enter with different characters who have different elements, but each piece you submit may only count for one element, so choose wisely. 

We would recommend checking out other activities during this event to collect more items– or trade with other players. Consider inviting a friend to join PaperDemon to earn a food basket for the two of you that you can use in the event!


  1. Show your character cooking up some food! Are they stirring a soup? Tossing a pizza? Putting the finishing touches on a massive cake?

  2. Show your character farming crops! Are they planting? Harvesting? Weeding?

  3. Show your character foraging! Are they picking berries? Working with a companion to snuffle out some mushrooms? 

  4. Show your character hunting! Are they stalking through the forest after prey or sitting back with a fishing rod?

  5. Show your character munching some of their haul. Is it a favorite food? Something they’ve just discovered that they hate?

  6. Show your character in a food inspired outfit. Are they wearing a strawberry themed dress? Did they spin sugar into a fun hairstyle to wear? Did they find a pizza print jumpsuit somewhere?

  7. Whoops… that didn’t turn out right. Show your character failing at food. Did they set a field on fire? Did they try to catch a fish with their bare hands and get smacked in the face by a tail instead? Did they burn something beyond saving?

  8. Your character is going above and beyond, actually– they’re making something nobody’s made before! Show your character with an unusual concoction they’ve whipped up. Is it beautiful? Weird? Are they willing to taste test it themselves or will they give it to an unsuspecting victim?

  9. That all sounds like way too much work. Show your character stealing food!

  10. Uhhh, I don’t think you’re supposed to do that… Show your character getting into a food fight!


Have questions? Ask in our Discord server in the #ask-a-mod channels.

Acknowledgements: Event written by Shyftlock. Art by BogusRed