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Character sheet guide

This guide will teach you more about character sheets.

Every registered character in the PaperDemon Art RPG will have their own character sheet after they complete the Create a Character challenge.

Most of the character sheet can only be edited by our admins and the Battle Bot. This is to ensure fairness of the game. As you complete challenges, your points and stats will increase and these are manually updated by our admins and our bots.

Character images

The main image section of a character sheet is reserved for approved designs you submitted through Create a Character, redesigns, evolutions, and shapeshifting. The images cannot be edited by players and can only be updated by an admin.

Many people like to add additional images of their character to their character sheet such as the same design from multiple views or a turnaround sheet. If you aren't actually changing the design of your character, you're welcome to add these additional images to the Player Notes section. You can do that by uploading the image as an art submission, grabbing the thumb code, which looks like [thumb123], and adding that to your player notes section (see below for more info on player notes).

We also recommend tagging all artwork of your character with your character's unique tag so that it appears on your character sheet under the Submissions section. See below for more info.

Player notes

"Player notes" is a section of your character sheet you can edit whenever you want. The intent is for it to help give others useful summary information about your character.

If you are participating in any OC Tournaments/Leagues, or our battle system, we strongly recommend you update the Player Notes section of your character sheet with the following. This will help your opponents have more information when creating works with your characters.


Age: (e.g. 20)

Race: (e.g. demon)

Gender: (...)

Abilities: (...)

Strength: (1-10*)

Agility: (1-10*)

Speed: (1-10*)

Tactics: (1-10*)

Magic: (1-10*)

Skill: (1-10*)

Uncomfortable subject matter: (State any subject matter you're uncomfortable with for your character)

Bio: (Can copy paste from your original character reg or link to it)


*Attribute Scale notes

The attributes (Strength, Agility, etc) is just helpful info for your opponent. It has no bearing on judging or mechanics.

1-2 is below average.

3-5 is average.

6-7 is Olympic levels (doable with training, but well above average) 

8-9 is superhuman

10 is deific.


Character Inventory

Most inventory items are added/removed by our admin team but some items like armor, weapons, and companions can be added/removed by the owner of the character. Just click the Equip Item button to add an item.



Anytime you create artwork or writing of your character, you'll want to tag it. If you're submitting it to a queue, the tag will be added automatically when you choose your character in the form.

But if you're just uploading a regular submission that isn't for an ARPG event, you can manually add your character's unique tag to get it to appear on your character sheet. Here's how

  1. Check your character sheet for a section named "Submission tag" which appears in the data table with your character's data. It should look something like #pd1234.
  2. Upload a new submission or edit an existing one.
  3. Under the tags section, input your character's unique tag #pd123
  4. Save the submission

View your character sheet and you should now see the new artwork at the bottom of the character sheet.

Learn more about character tagging.