Submitting Writing for ARPG Activities

Getting Started

Most prompts may be fulfilled with a writing option or a visual art option. This page will guide you through submitting writing pieces to our Art RPG.

Prompt Fill Clarity

Your writing must fulfill the prompt. Please make the prompt the clear focus of the piece. If the piece only references the prompt in a brief line, the work may not count as a prompt fill. You may go over the wordcount for any prompt, but you may not go under the wordcount.

For official challenges, the story should be clear and literal. While we allow more flexibility in Non-Challenge Character Art, our staff must be able to see that your piece fulfills the prompt for official challenges in order to issue rewards.

Challenge pieces should be written in English. If you speak English as a second language and would like to request assistance in making sure your translation is clear, please request a critique from our community in your submission, our forums, or our Discord.

For non-prompt based writing, the goal is to make sure that the featured characters are clearly indicated in the piece so that they may receive AP rewards.

Character Clarity

Your piece must clearly reference the characters you intent to fulfil a given prompt with. We would highly recommend using the character's name and features described in their registration so that when a staff member checks over the piece they can make sure that the character you are writing matches the character you are claiming rewards for.


For official prompt fills, all poetry submissions must be clear and literal and meet the minimum wordcount. You can get creative with formatting and style, but the piece must still clearly fulfill the prompt.

If you would like to include more abstract poetry pieces alongside a regular prose submission, the abstract poetry must not take up more than 10% of the minimum required wordcount. You may also write an unlimited amount of abstract poetry if it is in addition to a prose piece that takes up the full required wordcount on its own.

Abstract poetry cannot be claimed as AP for more than one character unless it clearly references multiple distinct characters.