Campaigns are longer, multipart challenges that involve an interactive story. The rewards are much higher than a portal challenge but typically take place in a specific portal.


What's coming with campaigns

Our first campaign, the Eventide Ring Campaign, was created as a solo interactive story. Campaigns going forward will be multi-player events you can complete with your friends in groups of 2-5. We're currently beta testing the next Campaign, Marooned in Mushrooms, with our Patrons. It will be made available publicly in early 2023.


Want to complete a closed campaign?

Junket Tank

Purchase a Junket Tank with Trokens which will reopen the portal and allow you to complete the first chapter past the deadline.

Bookwyrm Bookmark

Use a Bookwyrm Bookmark to complete subsequent chapters of the campaign past the deadline.


Looking for more?

Try completing one of our Portals or Weekly Challenges