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  1. Posted on Nov 13, 2020, 1:45:01 AM UTC
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    Level 5

    Looking to clean out my Stryx hoard! ^^ I'm mainly looking for USD but could also be tempted with import/geno trades and/or rider commissions! For fastest responses, please DM here or on Discord; Zeinjave#2542 as I do not frequently check the forums! 



    Everything listed here, including the below items! ^^ 

    T2 Microstryx SC
    Silver Tier MYO Companion
    T3 Microstryx SC



    Companions- Scavenging

    Bat - Halfmoon

    Bat - Summer Tundra

    Bat - Supernova

    Griff- Wood


    Companions- Fishing

    Crested Newt- Devil

    Crested Newt- Scorched

    Wyvern- Golden

    Wyvern- Onyx


    Companions- Hunting

    Mortmoth- Jungle

    Tarantula- Brown x2


    Companions- Multiple Bonuses

    Emperor- Blue (Fishing & Scavenging)

    Griff- Bobtail (Scavenging & Hunting)

    Slygryph- Basalt (Arena & Hunting)

    Slygryph- Mountain (Arena & Hunting)

    Songbird- Black Lace (Scavenging & AP)

    Songbird- Skelly (Scavenging & AP)

    Songbird- Spectral (Scavenging & AP)

    Songbird- White Flights (Scavenging & AP)

    Wolper- Crag (Scavenging & Hunting)


    Companions- Limited

    Mimic Caterpillar- Basilisk

    Mimic Caterpillar- Wooly Bear


    Background Packs


    Black Desert


    Volcanic x2




    Micro Mutation Tincture

    Import Decor- Fireflies x6

    Import Decor- Fireworks x3

    Import Decor- Pride Flags x5

    Luck Elixir x12

    Daius Prayer Candles x6



    Festive Bluejay x3

    Festive Cardinal

    Romantic Rose Finch

    Snipmoth- Eclipse

    Winter Chickadee x4

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  2. Posted on Sep 19, 2021, 10:46:58 PM UTC
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    Level 1

    can I potentially offer this for AP for these two :

    1) Female - Common Corva

    Tail - Tailless

    Diurnal - Healthy


    Snow Moon Osprey Ringed Silver Splotched

    50AP (5 AP for each common marking, 15 for the tailless, and 10 for snow base color)

    2) Male - Silken Tyto

    Tail - Standard

    Nocturnal - Healthy


    Frosted Snow with Brindle, Crescent and Unders

    50AP (15 in total for common markings, 10 for uncommon, 15 for silken body, 10 for snow)

    I might be over pricing them cause I haven't figured out the proper value of the markings and traits yet, but I also don't mind so long as I'm given the time to work.

    along with them I'd like :

    1 Wolper - Crag (6)

    1 Slygryph - Basalt (6)

    1 Crested Newt - Devil (6)

    1 Summer Tundra (10)

    28 for all of these.

  3. Posted on Sep 20, 2021, 12:23:31 AM UTC
    ID: 36115 | #4
    Level 5

    The AP amounts for those two genos is way too much. D: Between the corva's tailless and the tyto's silken feather mutation, I can let them go for 15AP each. So with the Wolper, Slygryph, Newt, and Summer Tundra backgrounds it would be a total of 58AP. What date do you think you'll be done by? You can take as long as you need, I'd just need to be informed if you need an extension. ^^ 

  4. Posted on Sep 20, 2021, 8:05:22 AM UTC
    ID: 36118 | #5
    Level 1

    Seeing as I have to deal with school and do have a few other drawings I have to finish, if I work at them right after school and don't get badly distracted I'll likely have them done by the end of the week, but definitly before the month ends (central time here to get an idea), hows that sound?

  5. Posted on Sep 20, 2021, 10:24:31 AM UTC
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    Level 1

    alright, do you have any specific stryx you would like for me to draw and any specific kind of draw type (normal, activity, and so on) or do you want me to draw whom and whatever kind of drawing?

  6. Posted on Sep 20, 2021, 6:40:20 PM UTC
    ID: 36129 | #8
    Level 5

    You can draw whomever you like under my Characters tab, except Bastien or any birds listed here for sale. ^^ And whether it's ARs, general drawings, or literature is up to you, whatever is easiest.

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