[T] Slots For Trials!

  1. Posted on Nov 22, 2021, 8:25:22 PM UTC
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    Like the title says, I'm looking to get some trials for a few of my aqrion!

    A trial image requires a Colored or Greyscale Fullbody with a Standard BG that fufills one of the prompts you can see here!

    An aqrion needs 2 trial images to earn their breeding rights!

    The guide dragon can be anyone here:






    Or a leased/owned dragon with the trainer perk!

    The list of aqrion needing Trials is compiled here !

    (All of the images should hyperlink back to their import pages)

    I'm offering slots to the aqrion you do images for! 1 slot per image

    You are welcome to include more than one aqrion doing their trial per image if you wish

    (up to 3 can complete their trial in one image)

    You may also include your aqrion/ other arpg critters in the image as well ^^

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