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OC Character Profiles: How to

  1. Posted on Feb 7, 2018, 5:43:02 PM UTC
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    About character profiles

    A character profile is a nice way to share information about your character with the community and make it easier for them to find all artwork related to your character.

    Special thanks to   MaskedLin MaskedLin for suggesting this for the community and making the character profile template!

    Steps to create your character profile

    1. Come up with a unique tag to be used on all of your character art submissons following this structure: "{username} oc {charactername}". For example: "maskeddragonnamedlin oc Hyūra"
    2. Update all of your art submissions with this tag
    3. Find the link to your tag in the tags page and click and copy the link
    4. Go to the art forums and create a new topic as follows:

    Topic title: OC Character Profile: {character name}

    Use the template below (or create your own) to tell everyone about your character. You can also insert images if you'd like. Example



    View all art {make this a link to the tag}









    Physical Description:

    Personality and Disposition:

    Hobbies and Mannerisms:





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  2. Posted on Feb 20, 2018, 7:28:22 AM UTC
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    Oh, this does sound like it could be a useful idea! (Thanks, Lin.) I don't have much up yet in the way of repeating character drawings, but I have enough ideas floating around in my brain there are likely to be some. :)

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