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[Art] Mercurium De' Lupusperangelespennae
Jul 21, 2021, 4:52:24 AM UTC on [Art] Mercurium De' Lupusperangelespennae

I was very intrigued about Mercurium's background and the story that shadowed him! I'm impressed how he improved himself living with Listen so realistically!

I can't freaking wait to see more of this furry beast! Oh, and since I'm making a winged fox myself, although I know Mercurium can't fly/couldn't fly due to his weight, but if ya want, I can have my oc show Mercurium the ropes on flight. If not, that's alright, still can't wait to see more of guy, though <3


  • Jul 22, 2021, 12:52:43 AM UTC
    Thank you!

    Learning to fly could be a fun interaction between characters. Outside of this site Mercurium has a little more depth to his character, but took his beginning and refined it a little. He technically learns to use magic to fly, using his wings to control the flight. But in terms of a role play Learning from another character would be just as interesting.

    I'm glad you like the realism approach to the story, not many do. I like to think anthropomorphic characters, even when raised in a human society (or humanish society) would have interesting and different challenges.