Mercurium De' Lupusperangelespennae

Posted Jul 21, 2021, 4:07:45 AM

Character Name: Mercurium De' Lupusperangelespennae

Character Age: As far as he remembers about 3, he's actually closer to 44

Character Species: Changeling, Therian Lupine

Fur color: Bluish with tints and mixes of grays

Eye color: Right: Solar Gold, Left: Sapphire Blue

Height: 7'2 at top of head, 8'6 at top of wing joint.

Wing Span: 14'6

Current weight: 284 lbs

Clothing preference: robes, multi piece clothing, anything lose fitting that won't pull on fur and works with wings (can be very expensive as most clothing has to be custom made), Shoes: Therian Sandals or

Sex: Male

Orientation: Pansexual



About 3 Terra years ago, A strange creature awoke in a field. As he laid there unaware of where he was, his body tingled with the burning sensation of pain. All his muscles and skin felt as though someone had taken sandpaper to all of them.


'How had I gotten here? Why did everything hurt? What was my name?'


The Creature screamed in pain as he tried to sit up in a panic, something pulling on his back, causing him to fall back to the ground. Panicking further, he flailed until he managed to roll over onto his hands and knees; his wings drooping down around him, unbelievably heavy. He stared uncomprehendingly at the wings. Slowly he reached out and grabbed the wing arm to his right, it was definitely attached to him, little tingles of pain registered when he squeezed the fur covered appendage. In fact he was covered in the same fur. A dark blueish color. Sitting up onto his knees his feathers felt uncomfortable as they bent and shifted, but gave himself a through once over. He was completely covered in fur, from head to toe, His features were an odd mix of human and canine. His facial features were canine, snout, pointy ears, and sharp teeth. His hands were tipped with the typical canine claws, And hoo boy his feet. They were oddly shaped, canines in shape and digitigrade. He was pretty sure his feet didn't look like that before.


He froze, panic slowly rising in his chest again.


"Who aaa I,"


The words came out slurred and off, like some of the consonants didn't agree with his face. He closed his eyes tightly trying to focus. A name, people he should know, any memory! Nothing. He felt his ears flatten against his head as it set in. He had nothing, no name, no memories, not even any cloths! An ultimate restart. Some may have revealed this idea, but as monstrous as he appeared, he just felt terribly alone. 


Then out of nowhere a voice said 'MERCURIUM!'


The monster jumped and looked around wildly, and though his ears were swiveling oddly he was sure he didn't actually hear anything.


"Ello!?" he called out into the open air.


'MERCURIUM!' The voice repeated. He was sure now, the voice was in his head! Probably not a good sign. Squeezing his eyes closed again he "thought" at the voice.


'Is that my name? Who are you? Am I going crazy?'


'WE ARE MERCURIUM!' the voice in the head thundered. And then..... silence


Mercurium sat there for many minutes trying to think of more questions at the voice, but to no result.


It took several more minutes and many falls back to the ground, but eventually he managed to stand on his odd legs. Sadly walking on them took more effort. Once as he fell he managed to hit his snout on the ground, causing an explosion of stars to burst in his eyes. Tears welled up in his eyes from the pain, but then the tears flowed down his furry face. He had been trying to hold back the fear and sorrow, but now that his eyes were leaking, the dam broke and he started to sob, The sound coming from him was oddly terrifying, like a grown man sobbing with the occasional rippling chainsaw saw sound of a wolf's snarl. After he managed to calm down he wiped his face, managed to get to his feet. Picking a seemingly random direction, the monster called Mercurium awkwardly walked towards the unknown.




Mercurium learned to run pretty quickly the first time he managed to find a human settlement. They treated him like his outward appearance. The town's guards armed themselves and gave chase. Unfortunately Mercurium learned that his oversized wings made running very difficult, not only were snagging on random things, but the air drag slowed him down and tired him quickly. Coming to a cliff, he was confronted with a choice. He could hear hounds along with the thundering of hooves nearby. He had no idea how to fly, but he definitely didn't want to try to take on an intelligent being at the moment, much less a whole hunting party. He looked over the cliff and his nerves faltered. He was standing about 100ft up, with nothing but trees below him.


Hearing shouting from behind Mercurium turned to look, to see a Human man on horseback charging at him with an odd looking spear like weapon, maybe only 50 feet away and closing fast. Instinctually he took a step back.... into open air.


Sink or swim time, or fly or die anyway. Rolling with his back step he managed to get his wings facing the right way and open, but that's where his luck ended. While the air drag from his wings slowed his fall considerably, he had trouble pumping his wing arms, and every time he tried it caused him to tilt and flail. Before he knew it he had collided with one of the trees. His body protested from the impact, and though he made the effort to hold on to the tree, gravity did not care for his pleas.


Managing to prop himself up against the that just beat him black and blue, Mercurium found that he had several sprains and more sore bruises then he could count. Trying to stand proved pointless as his left foot was more not right then normal. He had broken his foot. No bone protruded, that he could tell. It was hard to see under all the fur. He felt the tears come again, this time he did not try to hold them. Resting his head against the trunk he drifted off to sleep, sobbing as quietly as he could manage.




Mercurium woke with a start, something had touched him, and there was an odd scent in the air. Looking around blearily he didn't see anything around him. Looking up he could see moon light, the sun had set while he lay unconscious. When his gaze dropped he locked eyes with something. Mecurium stiffened, he swore nothing had been standing there last he looked. The odd scent was coming from it, like old spices and fresh cut grass. It took a step closer, Mercurium flinched and tried to become one with the tree at his back. It looked like another human male, but its eyes had an odd sheen to them. Like pools of dull moon light on a cloudy day.


Another step closer, it was about 6 ft away from his outstretched broken foot. Mercurium raised his hands slowly palms out.


"Lease, I urt, I cant tand, I a no theat to ou, ust leae e alone." Mercurium tried to say, but he could barely understand himself. This stranger was definitely not going to make sense of him.


The human knelt down at Mercurium's wounded foot. He Reached out with one finger and lightly touched the abrasion. Maybe it was the fear, maybe the sudden flash of white hot pain, but Mercurium let loose another chainsaw revving wolf snarl.


The stranger snapped his head up to Mercurium's eyes and reached for something on his belt. Mercurium quickly wrapped his hands around his muzzle. And looked about as surprised as the stranger. After a tense couple of seconds the stranger reached for another spot on his belt, a little leather pouch, and pulled out .....what looked to be a roll of bandages. Tension eased out of Mercurium a little and he got a better look at the stranger. Tall, lean, dressed in leathers..... And he had pointed ears!


Mercurium's eyes widened and tracked the stranger as he stood, looked around and walked a few paces away and through some brush and out of site. An Elf! A living, breathing Elf! But they're not real.


'Says the winged wolf monster' Mercurium chastised himself. He tried to focus on the idea that Elves weren't real, how would he know that? It's like he possessed knowledge, but no experience or memory of how he earned that knowledge. That was a headache to sort out later.


The stranger had returned carrying two pieces of wood, a small sturdy branch, and a large thick branch, as well as some odd looking flowers. He came closer this time, within arms reach. The thought of raking at the stranger with his claws flashed through his mind, but quickly buried the thought and settled for eyeing the things the objects the stranger returned with.


The Elf laid the small branch and bandage near Mercurium's broken foot, and held out the large branch towards Mercurium. Mercurium in part just looked back and forth between the large piece of wood and the Elf. Was the Elf trying to give him a weapon? Or maybe he thought of him as a dog that liked sticks? Reaching out with hesitation Mercurium grabbed the branch.


The Elf knelt back down at his foot. He pointed at the foot, showed Mercurium the bandage and small branch, then pointed at the large branch in Mercurium's hand and made a gesture of holding the branch in both hands and biting it.


Mercurium just stared dumbly at the Elf for a minute. Then it dawned on him, his ears flattened to his head as he swallowed. With trembling hands he brought the branch before the end of his snout. Giving a fearful glance at the Elf who was watching him patiently, he parted his jaws and wedged the middle of the branch between his canine molars. Nodding, the Elf set to feeling around Mercurium's broken foot. The Elf was actually being very gentle with what he was doing. But that didn't stop the spikes of pain. Mercurium could hear the branch creaking between his jaws. Without Warning or signal the Elf suddenly pushed hard on the bone with a loud cracking sound echoing in the trees.


It took Mercurium a solid minute of breathing heavily and whimpering like a beaten puppy, to realize that the cracking sound had not come from his foot, but from him biting completely through the tree branch. He noticed this because he was holding splintered pieces of tree branch in both hands at his side, while a large piece of wood was firmly wedged between his teeth. He couldn't seem to move it with his tongue and the taste of blood in his mouth was starting to become very noticeable. Reaching up he pulled the branch out with a tug. The branch piece and his hand came away painted a dark scarlet. Mercurium turned his head to spite the blood out, but was once again foiled by his anatomy. He couldn't build up pressure in his mouth or compress his lips to do the action. So instead of spitting out a mouth full of blood, a thick stream of saliva and blood oozed out of his mouth.


Clamping his hand over his mouth and swallowing the rest of the mess in his mouth. Mercurium didn't look at the Elf. That was embarrassing as all hell.


A soft chuckle broke the silence. The Elf had bandaged his foot and was finding amusement in Mercurium's actions. The Elf reached out his hand. Mercurium took it gently, taking care not to cause injury with his claws. The elf was surprisingly strong for how frail he looked. Together they managed to get Mercurium onto his good foot while the Elf braced himself under Mercurium's opposite arm. The Elf lead Mercurium deeper into the forest. Doing his best to support his weight.


It wasn't until morning broke that they reached a tree cabin, not a log cabin. The Structure was literally made in a large tree. It had to be at least 15 feet diameter.




And so it went. The Elf didn't talk much, but he listened very well, even when no one was talking. The first time Mercurium heard him say anything is when Mercurium tried asking for the Elf's name. The Elf just shook his head and said flatly "Names are sacred, you shouldn't give them away freely. but if you need something to refer to me by, you can call me Listens to Wind."


Mercurium felt like a constant burden to Listens. Mercurium stayed on a bed roll made from animal pelts. Originally he was offered a woven hammock made from still living plants, but they both found out that was a mistake after Mercurium's wings kept getting tangled in the plants. After two weeks Mercurium could put a little weight on his foot, and using a makeshift crutch, tried to move around more and even escape the Elf's care once or twice. Only for Listens to hunt him down and bring him back to the cabin. While still partially mobile, Listens showed Mercurium various plants and herbs and taught him their uses. He was taught how to make bandages from other plants. After Mercurium got the hang of it, he spent most of his recovery time studying and making bandages with the materials Listens returned with. Mercurium's bandages were of poor quality compared to the Elf's but made up for it with quantity. A human merchant stopped by a few times and traded coin for the bandages and ointments they had made.


After being able to walk around normally again, Listens insisted on teaching Mercurium to hunt and forage. Mercurium was sure to bring back extra materials. As while he was out gathering, Listens could spend more time creating more complex medicines and many more of his good quality supplies. From time to time the Elf would hover around him, poke and prod him, and make sketches of him. Mercurium was going to tell him off one day, when Listens presented him with a lightweight robe that would fit around his wings, and was fairly easy to put on and off. He also supplied a loincloth and scarf for less formal occasions.


With Listens help Mercurium found that his wing arm strength was not strong enough to achieve lift off from the ground. Mercurium was also just too heavy for what he needed for flight, which was depressing to hear being that while he was recovering some of his weight, he was still very skinny. After some less dangerous trial and error off a cliff into a lake and a lot of practice he could glide from a high point fairly easily, and even maintain flight for a few miles with good currents and muscle building.

Over time Mercurium's speech improved as well. He managed to learn to form M and W sounds, but still has a great deal of difficulty forming B, P sounds as his lips just don't seem to naturally make those sounds.


Mercurium had Lived and been mentored by Listens for almost 3 Terrin years. Until on one trip into the wilds, he did not return. It was not unusual for the Elf to disappear for a few days at a time. After 6 days Mercurium had begun to worry about his only friend in this world. Attempts to track him by scent was no easy task, Listens was always good at hiding his presence when he didn't want to be found. and after 6 days and one rain storm the trail was cold. After a month of worry, Mercurium started to accept something had happened, and his friend wasn't coming back. The next time the merchant showed up, Mercurium decided to travel with them. They had been introduced before and had been offered in the past. But now taking his own journals of medical remedies and flora, he packed his few belongings and left a note for Listens, should he ever return. And once again Mercurium found himself walking into the unknown world, better armed and with some good memories occupying his mind. 


Sorry for the long read. I think I got carried away with the back story a little. Also the picture is a 3D render of a model that I made and rigged myself. I believe that the rules stated that only premade and models made by other people weren't allowed. If this still doesn't work. I guess let me know.

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  • Jul 21, 2021, 4:52:24 AM UTC

    I was very intrigued about Mercurium's background and the story that shadowed him! I'm impressed how he improved himself living with Listen so realistically!

    I can't freaking wait to see more of this furry beast! Oh, and since I'm making a winged fox myself, although I know Mercurium can't fly/couldn't fly due to his weight, but if ya want, I can have my oc show Mercurium the ropes on flight. If not, that's alright, still can't wait to see more of guy, though <3
    • Jul 22, 2021, 12:52:43 AM UTC
      Thank you!

      Learning to fly could be a fun interaction between characters. Outside of this site Mercurium has a little more depth to his character, but took his beginning and refined it a little. He technically learns to use magic to fly, using his wings to control the flight. But in terms of a role play Learning from another character would be just as interesting.

      I'm glad you like the realism approach to the story, not many do. I like to think anthropomorphic characters, even when raised in a human society (or humanish society) would have interesting and different challenges.