The Grave Family Celebrated Fire Rebirth!

Posted Jun 5, 2024, 1:50:46 PM UTC

Prompt 2: Fire Rebirth

Fire Rebirth....Make a dry grass symbol of what you wish to be...Jacko Impress at his daughter handy work, But Dartha worry as it look like a Mousefolk Angel.

It was time and the landscape was set on a glowing blazed as HDW swallow hard and appologise to her father and set her Effgy a flame

Jacko look confuse then Darth explain that the symbol repersent goodness...she wish the be a hero, a good person and no longer a villian...

HDW squeak as she start to cry, she love Jacko but did not wish to-Eeep! Jacko pick her up and hug her!

"Yay! I have my First Hero Enemy! Just let Jacko knows if need help making cool hero outfit! Oh and when you leave home to fight crime, make sure to call so we can power down the Lazer defense!" Jacko said as he nuzzle his daughter

Darth mutter. "....for crying out loud...Just working to make family get together awkward  are you all...."

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