Blood bond

Posted May 7, 2024, 10:19:52 PM UTC

Been super into drawing art of my Wednesday night RP game (Vampire the Masqurade) lately, and last session we did a blood magic ritual to step inside the mind of a vampire in torpor, Billy. Not sure what we were getting ourselves into, James, Dorian, and Leo are sent to a medieval village where they're dressed in strange clothes. James a knight, Dorian a Warlock, and Leo a Seerer. The session turned into a DND quest then to find Billy's soul, and convince him to wake up XD Apparently they were very difficult rolls and there was a high chance of us failing, but the dice gods were on our side! Looks like James' soul isn't going to fall into darkness yet <3 We were advised though that Billy is going to frenzy when he wakes up cause his last memory was 20 years ago where he thoguht his husband died, so the GM is going to roll a D6 and see who is going to get a full on frenz attack from a 100year old Ventrue cries

I'm still in danger XD

Procreate- 11 hours

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