Effective, large-scale method

Posted Feb 7, 2024, 12:27:07 AM UTC

CHARACTERS: Ilthran Resphin, Victor
PROMPT: Prompt #1 - Reorienting Portals - While other adventurers work to find and stop Portal Posi, a team begins to work on the out of control portals. Some portals have opened where they shouldn’t, others send people to the wrong place, and still others defy the known laws of portals in no understandable way. Join in to set the portals right using magic, science, or nonsense spaghetti throwing! Consider reaching out to another player to collaborate on a piece with your two characters working together, or do a two-part piece where your character is on one side of a portal and theirs is on the other. Draw or write about your character’s efforts to redirect the portals to where they’re supposed to go. Your piece must include your character with a portal.

. . .

Hours of travel led him to the remote location, where Ilthran is suggested to find the draconic elf, Victor. A long travel with a good cause in mind

Once Ilthran arrived at his doorstep, the elf knocked on the door and addressed the situation. Victor, who seemed curious and may have had his own difficulty with the situation already, was quick to offer his help to the magician.

They collected the corresponding books of arcane knowledge, and made way to the nearest portal for immediate experimentation. With the necessary arcane formula that Ilthran previously constructed, he may assign just each the portals to their corresponding destination. However, with its many portals appearing and disappearing, the situation is much more difficult to control on a large scale.

But there is a way, they discovered, to have an artifact signal just that necessary corruption to each portal within its range and have them function as desired. That is when the next issue appeared. This artifact hasn't been spotted in years!

But they aren't without alternative methods of handling the situation. With the formula, they can manipulate the location as desired and shorten the distance to each necessary destination for travel. Ilthran used the nearby portal to head back to the guild, and gathered the necessary men and women for a meeting. After all, an elderly woman is causing this difficulty from the beginning, there might just be a method to track her down and put an end to this chaos. Much sooner than an artifact can, instead, be found.


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  • Feb 10, 2024, 5:59:59 PM UTC
    I recognize that there is no end to the creation of amazing illustrations. Love this, but don't push yourself too hard (for a change.) 😌
    • Feb 11, 2024, 12:34:29 PM UTC
      ... Thanks, Mav!

      Also the don't-push-yourself doesn't come with my program. Beep Boop. Hahah
  • Feb 8, 2024, 8:09:35 PM UTC
    I love how you did the background, it adds so much atmosphere to the scene, I really feel like I'm sitting in the forest with them and of course Ilthran and Victor look great as well Heart
    • Feb 9, 2024, 12:09:53 PM UTC
      Thank you so much ...! Hff ... I don't think you could give me a better compliment than this. Very destructive 10/10

      I'm so glad you feel this way, and that you like it!
  • Feb 7, 2024, 3:18:12 PM UTC
    Look at these nerds. They look so nerdy (An amazing piece, the lighting is so lovely and soft)
    • Feb 7, 2024, 10:09:43 PM UTC
      I enjoy your "captain obvious" comment a lot. Hahaha!
      Thank you so much, Azure! I'm happy you enjoy it, hfff-