Creator makes a new friend!

Posted Dec 6, 2023, 4:53:53 PM UTC

I will probably move this once I make a ref for Creator.

Creator can't remember her real name. She woke up in an alleyway in some big city, blood on her hands, her face, her hair, inside her mouth.

She left the city after that.

She found out that she can survive off of any type of blood (even her own but that... doesn't work because then she needs more blood heal herself, it just keeps looping over and over) but being in the vencinity of any being that pumps blood makes her self control a very thin needle. 

Creator was very very lonely. After finding a cabin in the woods with a butt ton of nomcromacy stuff (what happened to the owner???) she decided that she can just make a friend that she's not temped to eat. Seeing as noms don't have blood. Well, the type of blood that Creator eats that is. 

So she made a friend. And then she made another. And now she has two friends that she never feels temped to eat and life is good!

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