A helpful lift

Posted Nov 29, 2023, 7:44:44 PM UTC
  1. The suspicious caretaker is only a little reluctant to hand over your package. As you start to return home, you realize that your pickup has put you right in the middle of holiday traffic! The streets and skies are teeming with travelers, many overloaded with their own shopping burdens. Draw or write about your character navigating holiday traffic. Do they have an air ship that can take them above the worst of it? Do they dig beneath the ground? Do they cast a spell to frighten people out of their way?

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Shingen PaperDemon Art RPG 🧑🏽 🔥 #pd808
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Yuko 勇子 PaperDemon Art RPG 🧑🏽 #pd1204
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  • Fire Demoness
  • Southern Gentleman
  • Zahara Ref
  • Berry Puddin'
  • 生地カッター
  • Blade like Sugar
  • Eye see you
  • Knight of the Wild Frontier
  • Cuddled up


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