Bleu Mastering Luck

Posted Nov 22, 2023, 3:35:06 PM UTC

Adopting an new look, as dressing too fance just mean throwing away with the next monster or event, so she decided to take an page off of that Awesome Cowboy snake guy ( Viv from  Wyverntoots I hope i got that right) During her adventurer she realize she has the ability to alter luck, by touching people she can nudge luck for an second chance (Reroll for better roll) or alter event to play out so things seem to just happen as if natural. Mostly this luck help her escape from misfortune such as here, an creature start to blast at her with pod pellets as she was try to advoid it by shimmy against the wall...Luck was on her side and not an single one hit her, but luck is fickle and she only can alter it so much, so best she get out of there quickly!

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