Zju Sapphire's Orpheus Shell

Posted Nov 21, 2023, 4:39:51 PM UTC

Character ID: #pd3488

Prompt: #63 What is your character's favorite item they like to carry with them? Why? Draw or write about your character with their item

Brief Desc.: Over her millennia-long life, Zju Sapphire has collected thousands of souvenirs from every realm she's visited. But her favorite memento is from her home realm, fittingly named Starfall 72. It's a trinket she created during her human life, a necklace made from the rare shell of an Orpheus Snail and dried kelp stalks. However, she doesn't wear it around her neck, wary of it brushing against the star on her chest. Instead, she keeps it under her skirt, wrapped around her thigh, the coolness of the shell against her skin a reminder of her long-lost humanity.

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